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Mafia Purge is a brand new FREE to play text-based Mafia MMORPG with a twist. The aim is to reach as higher level as you can, and ready yourself ahead of the Purge... the same as most of these games, right!? Once the Purge commences, you will be able to kill other players for a set amount of time. Once it`s over, it`s back to love and happy families... until the next one. This gives players a good chance to build their respect and power during down times. In the meantime, you can increase your rank by committing crimes by yourself or with other players. You can also mug or fight other players to gain extra money and bullets, or just be friends. The game has a private Discord page where you can just chill with other players.


Crimes can be committed to gain a small amount of cash and XP, and will be your best friend when you start the game. As you rank up, more crimes will become available to you that will give you a larger payout. They are more tough of course.

Car Theft

Cars can come in handy for a number of things, so why not try and steal one every few minutes? Cars range from tacky old rusty Ford Escorts, up to Bugatti Chirons. Each car has a value that you can sell for at trade in price, or you can sell on the black market to other players that may need it. You can also melt cars to gain bullets. Say we are only a few days until the Purge and you find out your saving plan for bullets hasn`t been up to scratch? Melt away. Finally, cars can be used in Organised Crimes with other players. If you are robbing the bank, you are going to need a driver right? The better the car, the more chance your team have of completing the crime successfully.

Drug Smuggling

You can buy a number of different drugs in different locations. Your job is simple... when you travel, see what the country is currently paying for that particular drug. If you`re going to make a good profit, sell sell sell!

Crack the Safe

You can attempt to crack the safe every few minutes, but it is extremely difficult. Get the correct combination and you will be rewarded. There are possibilities of the safe being tampered with, so be careful.


Once you are an established enough player, you can buy a gang. Invite other players and give them roles, stick together and fight other gangs during the Purge. See gangs as a community within a community. You never know who may be plotting to end you!

Stocks & Investment Bonds

For the more racey kinda people that want to try and make a quick buck, you can invest in the stock market. There are a number of shares that you can buy and sell as you please. Be warned, the stocks are volatile and you can lose everything you put in! Investment Bonds however are your more safer and more sturdy investment. Lock your money away for a guaranteed dividend. You cannot pull your money out quickly however if you need.

Next Purge

1st July 2020

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