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How to Play Mafia Purge!

by Longshot

The Basics...

As a member of the weird and wonderful world of Mafia Purge, you firstly need to become strong and gain respect. You start at the lowest rank possible, with barely any cash, bullets or... anything really! You need to change that.

The Purge

Bla bla bla, so another Mafia Game, so what? Well, the others don't have a Purge. What's a Purge? Well, when the Purge hits, players can kill one another. If you die, that's it. Game over - no more. Make a new account. You don't want that right? Well there are a few ways out of this. BE NICE TO OTHER PLAYERS, or... if you don't want to, and you do die, you can buy your way back into your account using points - make sure you have enough! The Purge lasts only a couple of weeks, and then it's turned off. You will no longer be able to kill other players at this point, and you will just have to be nice to everyone again. Or why not save up some bullets for the next round????

Ranking Up

To rank up, you need to head over to your Actions menu on the left. The best way to start off is to commit Crimes. Whilst you won't gain much cash to begin with, this is an effective way to increase your rank bit by bit until you get promoted. The higher your rank, the more crimes you unlock, and can commit as you please. There is a timer between each crime to stop spam bots!

Then there's stealing cars. This is also an effective way of ranking up. It can be difficult to start with, but the more you attempt to steal a car, the higher your chances become. You should start at stealing the crappy cars to start with, as they are easier. You can then head over to your garage and you can sell your cars for cash, or melt them for bullets! The more successful attempts, the more XP you will gain, and rank up.

You can also attack other players, or hospitalise other players to gain XP and rank up, but this is difficult. These will always be dependant on your gym stats.

Organised Crimes are also very handy to rank up, which are committed with other players. Each one needs a leader, driver, weapons expert, and explosive expert. If someone invites you to an OC, they will choose your role, and you will need to buy the necessary equipment or use your car before you can be ready to commit. Organised crimes give a lot of XP for ranking, but can also go horribly wrong!

Play around with actions, have fun, and you will rank up the more you do!

Making Money

To get through the game and buy nicer homes, guns, more bullets and everything else, you need money (obviously). There are many ways you can make money besides commiting crimes, OCs, thefts...etc. You can head over to the Casino where there are a number of different games to play such as Blackjack, Roulette, 50/50, Keno and much much more. The Casino menu is on the right hand side of your screen, or in your drop down menu if you are on your mobile.

You can also invest your cash with either the Stock Market or you can buy Bonds. Beware, you can also lose lots of money when investing in stocks and bonds take 2 weeks for your investment mature, but with a guaranteed increase!

Taking on other players

Why not make other people's money, rather than do it all yourself?? You can Mug other players for their cash, or take them on in an Arm Wrestle or a Fight. Beware, you can lose health doing any of these things, and you can also make yourself an enemy pretty fast!

Make Dirty Money

You can also do some highly ilegal shit. Why not Grow Weed or even Traffic Drugs? You can do either, and these will make you some good cash. To traffic drugs, make sure you have enough cash to travel to other countries.

There are various other ways to make cash, some of which are free and easy - like trying to Crack The Safe or Hit The Barrel. Don't forget you'll get free money as a bonus for logging in for consecutive days!

There, you know how to make money. What about the rest?


Ranking to begin with seems easy, and that's because it is! Each time you reach the next rank, you will receive free EXP, Bullets and Cash! As you progress through the ranks, it gets harder and harder to reach the next one. For each round, there can only be one Mafia Purge Champion which is the highest rank you can reach! It's a race to the top, and the first person to reach it grabs the title! Organised Crimes are an effective way to rank up, as well as putting people in hospital and many other ways. You will be rewarded more and more as you progress!

The list of ranks are:

  • Scum: Very first rank. Anyone who plays starts here!
  • Chav: Awarded $150 + 60 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Petty Criminal: Awarded $250 + 100 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Criminal: Awarded $20000 + 150 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Experienced Criminal: Awarded $25,000 + 500 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Bank Robber: Awarded $130,000 + 200 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Associate: Awarded $130,000 + 500 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Soldier: Awarded $150,000 + 500 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Caporegime: Awarded $155,000 + 600 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Underboss: Awarded $200,000 + 500 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Boss: Awarded $250,000 + 1000 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Godfather: Awarded $350,000 + 1000 bullets for reaching this level.
  • Mafia Purge Champion (Only one person can reach this rank) $1,000,000 + 5000 bullets

Guns & Armour

In order to kill people, you will need a gun. You aren't going to use a rock after all. You can also buy armour which will protect you against people trying to kill you during the Purge. Remember, no one can kill you until the Purge is activated, so don't panic! You can buy different items in the Black Market. Here you will find all of your pew pews and protection. The better the weapon, the less bullets you will need to finish off your enemy. The better the armour you have, the more bullets your enemy will need. You get it, right!? Good!

If you have any problems, issues, questions, please e-mail Longshot or e-mail support@mafia-purge.com