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Game Rules

by Longshot

Any rules that are broken will result in a temporary ban or a ban for life at the staff's discretion. Other measures may be taken if neccessary.


Mafia Purge operates a strict rule of no hate towards other players or staff members. This includes the following:

  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Obscene Content
  • Extreme Insults/Behaviour

Any of the above will result in a permanent ban.


Advertising, Flooding/Spamming, Impersonation on any communication method on Mafia Purge is strictly forbidden. This also includes the use of Mafia Purge's Discord server.

Multiple Accounts

Whilst multiple accounts are acceptable, it is against the rules to trade items or cash between accounts that share the same IP. Any violation will result in deletion of the second account, and the primary account's items and cash will be reset to zero.

Bug Abuse

Any bugs found by users that are exploited for their own gain will result in a ban. All bugs should be reported immediately to staff members.

Real Money Trading/ Item Trading

Communication through Mafia Purge should be for friendly and/or game chat only. Trading of real money or items will result in account deletion and IP ban.

Scripting Abuse/Cheating

Players that use scripts to make any gain whatsoever in Mafia Purge will be IP banned for life. Any other method of unfair gain or cheating will also result in a lifetime ban.